18 set 2007

Dracula vs. Yra : it's a fumetti thing!

Sorry for the lack of posts this past month (I've been very busy with... er... learning English!).

Today we're introduced to Yra, a fumetti vampire character that's been around few years in the early 80's.
(Btw, this series should have deserved more, both in sales and critics acknowledgement, for it's really well done. :\ ).
Drawn by master of comic art Leone Frollo, (who you might remember from a previous post), Yra is a 12-episodes fumetti series starring our beloved Dracula right in the middle of it. Here's a synopsis of the early episodes.
An innocent young girl, Yra is the only daughter of a couple of humble shepherds. Due to her looks, she gets the unwanted attention of the evil Lord of the Castle, who sends his guards to kidnap her. Then, to break her will and get her to marry him, he tortures her parents to death, showing the poor gal their mutilated bodies.
She reacts to all this suffering and pain, though: during their wedding night, while the Lord is raping her, she hits him on the face thrusting out of the orbit one of his eyeballs with her fingers.(>_<)
Yra's sentenced to death, but while she's in chains another character shows up: the ugly old (and lesbian) Romilda, who falls for her.
Eager to turn Yra into her slave/lover, Romilda finds the only way to work things out: first, Yra would poison herself, so to die with an intact body; then she'd be restored to life - as a vampire - by Romilda herself, thanks to her magic skills.
Luckily, everything works out: the Lord finds Yra's body and gets rid of it, allowing this way the witch to develop her diabolical plan.

With a black magic spell (and a little help from His Majesty Satan in person), the unbelievable happens: Yra's resurrection to a new life as a vampire!
The new Yra is far different from the poor girl in distress we knew. She's now a ferocious, blood thirsty creature with a dominant personality (as poor Romilda soon has to discover), willing to get even with her better half.
After that, a lot more events take place (most of them concerning Yra's plots of vengeance), till finally we find a throne seated Lord wondering how can he get Yra killed one time for all. After thinking it over, he comes up with the right solution:"To kill a vampire all it takes is another vampire!"
So he puts an ad on the largest circulation papers, (including The Times, N.Y. Herald Tribune, Le Figaro, Il Corriere della Sera, and... Zora!) : "i.s.o. a fair young vampire, good worker, daylight immune, for slightly dangerous mission. Reward: a two kilos ingot."
After a few impostors coming for the reward (and soon thrown out of the castle walls), a dark knight introduces himself: his name is...Dracula!

"So you're a real vampire, at last!" - "Yessir, and I'm here to serve you..."

"Your task is easy: killing a young woman..." - "That's all ?"

"Well, she's a ferocious vampire" - "Oh, sounds like trouble!"

Drak wants to be sure he won't face no famous fumetti vampire, such as Zora or...

"Well, talk about some smalltown vampire here...don't worry I'll get her corpse back without any blood in it. What's her name? Where can I find her ?"
"Yra- she's living in a castle on the Black Marsh."
"O.K.- I go, suck her out and come back!"

Btw, take a sec and look at the artist's way of depicting Dracula's figure: often in mid-light, with shadows across his face, different from the Lord image, even though they're both evil characters.

Dracula arriving at the Black Marsh: "Nice little spot..."

Meanwhile at the castle, Romilda's tryin' her best to get into Yra's panties (even if she doesn't wear any)...

...with no result, as ever.

Beautiful Yra getting bored and longing for some well-endowed male...

Romilda spots the nearby visitor with her electronic crystal ball.

Yra: "I wouldn't say he's an ugly guy...I like him". Romilda's suspicious about him, but Yra's already made up her mind.

But Dracula ain't no Gentleman Jim: this young mermaid will learn that at her expense.

Next: Dracula and Yra face to face! Will some sex take place before the blood runs? Stay tuned!

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