19 ago 2013

Happy holidays!

Going on vacation? Leave the gun and bring your FUMETTI!

11 lug 2013

A world of fumetti

There's a world of fumetti out there...
...just go and get them!

08 lug 2013

Lucifera joins the Sabbath!

Lucifera walks among humans, but she remains connected to Satan's reign. Watch how disturbingly CLOSE a connection may be in the sequence below.
(Art: T. Marchioro)

[Meanwhile, beyond the clouds...]
"Where are they going?"
"To a propitiatory sabbath!"

"If Christians win the war, that would mean the Inquisition and stake for them!"
"Let's join them!"

"I'd love to, but I have to leave!"

"Let's all invoke Satan, my dark and lusty friends!"

...and Satan shows up taking the appearance of a goat (so common in the Middle Ages)
"I'll propitiate him to all of you!"


"Glory be to the Evil!"
"Only you can do it like this, Master!"


[Lust overcomes]

"It's been an awful experience, as a woman."

Get the full set.

(Pin-up by L. Frollo)

We're not done with her yet: in the (hopefully) next post you'll be surprised to know that even powerful creatures from Hell sometimes… fail!

04 lug 2013

Next: Lucifera is back!

Lucifera, She-devil on a mission from Satan!
(Art: L. Frollo)

15 apr 2013

Denis Jones' Cartoons

Black humor cartoons published in the early 70s.
A few captions are missing, sorry about that.